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Financial security


BCH safeguards your money in the unlikely event that your BCH tour operator ceases trading. You are guaranteed repayment of monies paid. It also ensures the completion of your holiday if it has already started.


Each BCH member is required to provide a bond from a bank or major insurance company to BCH. This bond is used to refund your money or to allow you to complete your holiday if already started. BCH also has an insurance policy available to cover unlikely situations where a members bond does not cover all the refunds.


BCH is a consumer protection scheme approved by the government under the The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992 and the EU Package Travel Regulations to safeguard your money. When booking a package coach holiday (involving coach travel and accommodation of at least one overnight stay), be it in the UK or abroad, always check that your tour operator is complying with the Package Travel Regulations with regard to your money.


If in doubt ask them how they are complying and how your money is protected. Remember it is a legal requirement to provide protection for your money as BCH does.


The EU Package Travel Regulations offer protection to consumers when booking package holidays. Tour operators have a legal obligation to provide such protection and failure to do so is a criminal offence.


For more information please visit www.bch-uk.org/